5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your CSA Share

As the summer weeks fly by, and the garden continues to flourish, you will find a wider selection of produce in your CSA boxes every week. But instead of overwhelming you, we want you to be able to enjoy the fresh produce and take advantage of the garden’s bounty.

Here are some tips to really get the most out of your CSA share:

1) Plan your meals after you pick up your share- Being able to see what is in your box before you plan for the week’s meals makes it easier to incorporate what is given to you, rather than the other way around. Make it easy on yourself and work with what you’ve got!

2) View the week’s fruits and veggies in both major and minor recipe roles- You may receive produce in your boxes that you have never tried before, so what a perfect opportunity to try a new recipe! Make sure to think outside of the box, not everything has to be made into a meal. Try out new dips, appetizers, snacks and even deserts!

3) If you get something in small amounts, treat it as a garnish- We want to provide you with an adequate amount of produce, but when it comes to smaller amounts (especially those flavorful herbs like cilantro, basil or parsley) make use of them in ways that bring out their bold flavors.

4) Preservation- Can’t eat all those tomatoes? Or even all that cilantro? Try freezing them, canning them, making jams, pickles or purees for later! If you find yourself with uneaten produce from the week, try getting creative with preservation- it’s a great weekend activity for the family!

5) Give it away and share- Make something of it and give it to friend or neighbor, or simply hand over your excess to an excepting taker! No produce ever has to go to waste if you are willing to share.


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