Campus Garden Manager


Katie Ankowicz is majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration in Plant Science and a minor in Sustainabiltiy.  She is an active board member of Just Food and part of the Honors College.  After graduation, Katie hopes to work for a company or organization that focuses on sustainable agriculture, community work, and agricultural education.  Katie enjoys hiking, camping, backpacking, traveling, music festivals, gardening, learning about permaculture, cooking, ceramics, star gazing, drawing, cats, and goats, of course.

Campus Garden Assistant

Brianna Shea is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration in Environmental Health and a minor in sustainability. This year she is secretary of National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), a Blue Devil Ambassador, and a volunteer member of the fall 2015 Career Conference Executive Committee. In her free time she enjoys biking, cooking, Blink 182, and all things HGTV and DIY. She finds that even the choices that basic cable pr30990_462484673803463_301688531_novides her with are overwhelming, so she literally only watches HGTV.

Highly anticipating a four year graduation, Brianna hopes to land a job that will keep her on her feet with minimal repetition and involve plenty of lab and fieldwork. Specifically, she has no idea know what she wants to do after Stout, I’m sure if she did have the answer to that it would just change again in the next few years. All she knows about her future is that she wants to end up doing something she loves that can make a difference for people and their surrounding environment.

Field Experience StudentIMG_7800

Sidney Cottew is majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration in Land Resources and with minors in Plant Science and Geographic Information Systems. She likes gardening, rollerblading  and cats.


Laura Donovan is majoring in Applied Social Science with a concentration in Sociology and Anthropology and a min11169768_1606111846313347_7902793777859415683_oor in art history. She’s passionate about the environment and the way people interact with it, and loves doing anything outside! UW-Sprout is one way she likes to de-stress and reconnect with nature.


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