Them Fall Recipes Though!

Butternut Squash:

19 Butternut Squash Recipes – From baked rice and butternut squash to butternut squash and black bean enchiladas, you’ve got to try one of these 19 recipes that are sure to hit the spot.


Roasted Carrots and Sweet Potato Recipe – Tame those sugar cravings by eating more naturally sweet produce, this side dish will help you do just that!


Baked Parmesan Potato Wedges – Perfect as a side dish or appetizer.

Cilantro and Peppers:

Chopped Thai Salad – Sick of the usual salad? Well this is sure to rock your salad world! Chopped Thai salad with sesame garlic dressing, yum!

Cilantro Cream Chicken – This is a simple, but delicious entrée to make for your busy weekdays.


Roasted Tomato Salsa – A classic way to eliminate all those tomatoes and peppers that we put in your share.


A dreary, but successful harvest day

By now we hope that all our CSA share members are enjoying this week’s heavy CSA boxes stuffed with cucumbers, tomatoes, basil (Genovese and Cinnamon), kale, zucchini, patty pan squash, parsley, cilantro, beans (Green and Dragon tongue), sweet onions, and hot jalapenos! At the end of the day UW-Sprout had an excess amount of produce totaling to 30 pounds worth of basil, parsley, and cucumbers that we were able to donate to Stepping Stones food pantry.

Once again, enjoy your shares, and thank you for supporting UW-Sprout!

Do your tomatoes look a little funny?

Hello CSA members,

Its that time of year where you can expect to find tomatoes in your share, starting this week! As you might have noticed until more recently is that this summer has been a scorcher, and that shows in our tomatoes. Although tomatoes can tolerate higher temperatures, fruit that is frequently exposed to direct sun light (especially on the shoulders) prevents the chlorophyll from breaking down, resulting in greenish or yellowish shoulders while the rest of the fruit is ripened. Knowing that, we assure you these tomatoes are delicious and safe to eat. Enjoy your shares!

It’s That Time of Season- Huge Carrots & Huge Onions

Bring a bold twist to everyone’s favorite root vegetables by trying out these fun recipes this week:

Onion Steaks with Honey-Mustard– Easy, delicious and fun way to spice up your average grill-out!27ec2808c03172b6_carrot-chips.xxxlarge_2x

Pickled Sweet Onions– Not sure what to do with all those onions? Try pickling them and they become a perfect addition to any brat or veggie-dog!

Carrot ChipsA healthy spin on chips! Indulge in these without any regrets.

Vegan Zucchini Carrot Bread Want to try something different? Here’s a perfect healthy spin  to incorporate those carrots and zucchini’s  without using any animal products!